Our Pet Care Services

We customize our services to fit your pets’ individual needs.

Buckhead Pet Pals offers Buckhead’s premier pet care services. We never spend less than 30 minutes caring for your pet. Of course, we’re happy to spend more time if you like!

Pet Care Services

All pet sitting services include dog walking, feeding, belly rubs, light conversation and litter box cleaning.

Pet Care Service Rates are based on time and number of pets.

• 30 Minute Visit – $20 per visit
• 45 Minute Visit – $30 per visit
• 60 Minute Visit – $40 per visit
• 90 Minute Visit – $60 per visit
• 2 Hour Visit – $80 per visit

Additional Pets:
• $2 extra per cat
• $3 extra per dog

Midday Dog Walking

Midday Dog Walks are regular daily visits to your pet while you are at work. A monthly commitment is required for all midday dog walking visits.

Midday Dog Walks are based on time and number of pets and require monthly commitment.

• 20 Minute Midday Dog Walk – $18 per visit

Additional Pets:
• $2 extra per cat
• $3 extra per dog

Dog Runs

We will take your dog for a run in your neighborhood. In summer months running is only offered in the morning and evening to avoid the mid-day heat for safety reasons.

Dog Running Rates are based on time and number of pups.

• 30 Minute Dog Run – $32 per visit
• 45 Minute Dog Run – $47 per visit

Additional Pets:
• $2 extra per cat
• $3 extra per dog

Overnight Pet Care

Overnight Pet Care is when a pet sitter stays in your home from 8pm to 7am, and includes a feeding and a walk at night as well as in the morning. Extra visits can be added for midday and dinner if needed.

Overnight Pet Care Rates are based on number of pets in your home.

• Overnight Pet Care – $80 per night

Additional Pets:
• $2 extra per cat
• $3 extra per dog

Additional Services

Late Night Pet Sitting – A pet care visit after 8:00pm.
Anytime Cat Visits – If your cat is not particular about a certain time of day to eat his food, our pet sitters will schedule a visit during non-peak hours.
Hotel Visits – Visiting from out of town? We will stay in your room with your dog while you are in Atlanta. Buckhead Pet Pals is recommended by hotels such as: Ritz Carlton, W Hotel, Marriott, and the Omni.
Waiting for Repairman – We know your life is busy and waiting at home for your repairman or delivery services is less than convenient. Let us wait for you!

Additional Service Rates are based on time, time of visit, and number of pets in your home.

• Early Morning Pet Sitting – $25 per visit
• Late Night Pet Sitting – $25 per visit
• Anytime Cat Visit 30 Min. – $20 per visit
• Anytime Cat Visit 45 Min. – $30 per visit
• Anytime Cat Visit 60 Min. – $40 per visit
• Hotel Pet Care Visit – $40 per hour
• Waiting For Repairman – $40 per hour

Additional Pet Rates:
• $2 extra per cat
• $3 extra per dog

Life happens, we get it. However, in order to provide top tier service to all of our clients, we do have a few “fine print” items of which you should be aware.

Meet and Greet – Initial Meet and Greet of a pet sitter is Free. If you need your sitter to come back or pick up keys or return keys there will be a charge of $20.

• Holiday Fee– We do charge time and half on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Late Booking Fee – We apply a $10 late booking fee for all visits scheduled less than 24 hours in advance.

Cancellation Fee – Our cancellation fee is the price of 1 visit, when your appointment is not cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Holiday Cancellation – All holiday reservations require a 7-day notice for changes and cancellations or client will be charged for the services reserved. No credits will be given for early returns during holiday periods. All holiday visits must be prepaid during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s and cancellations are non-refundable.

Do you have other questions? Contact us to schedule pet care services or ask questions. We’re here to help you!