Dear Buckhead Pet Pal Friends:

We wanted to take an opportunity to touch base regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and it’s effect on your pet sitting services. Currently, all of our pet sitters are healthy and working their regular schedules and are available to help when you need us.

It is our great pleasure to work with your pets! The Covid-19 virus spreads person-to-person. There’s no evidence that pets or other animals in the United States could be a source of infection, or that they could become infected through contact with a human who has the virus. We will continue to recommend common sense practices to our pet sitters such as washing their hands at the beginning and end of every pet sit or dog walk along with all of the other CDC recommendations. If you would like to provide them with hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, they’ll be happy to use those to your instruction to help keep any surfaces (counters/doorknobs/etc.) they may come in contact with germ-free.

If you are working from home, please be aware that we can still come by and walk your dogs! It maintains consistency for your pups and allows you to focus on getting your work done remotely. We also understand that some trips will get cancelled and we ask that you just let us know right away so we can inform your pet sitter. And hopefully you’ll be able to reschedule those trips soon!

If you are going out of town, please be sure we have a local emergency contact for you. We also need to establish a plan to continue service should you be detained in another location and cannot get home.

If you are sick, your dogs will still need exercised and we are happy to do so, just please let us know so we are careful not to send any sitter who is in the “high risk” category. And if your pet needs to get to appointments for groomers or medical care while you are sick we can also help you get them to their groomer or veterinarian.

Please contact us should you have any questions! We appreciate your business and look forward to returning to our regular busy schedules soon!

Buckhead Pet Pals Admin Team