Buckhead Pet Pals
and Shannon Centola


We Foster Education

Buckhead Pet Pals Stemmed from a difficulty in finding trustworthy cat sitter, a changing job market and life’s priorities. While walking around a golf course in Brookhaven trying to decide her career direction, Shannon came across a lost dog whom she reconnected with its owners. After seeing the sense of relief at being reunited with their pet, she took this as a sign to start a pet sitting service. And from there, Buckhead Pet Pals was born.

The Early Days of Pet Sitting

When Shannon started her company there were only a few other pet sitting services in Atlanta. She not only had to educate potential clients on the benefits of pet sitting, but she also had to assure her family and friends that this was a good business idea. Fast forward a decade and a half and Buckhead Pet Pals has grown. Shannon has approximately 60 pet sitters at any one time. From cat lovers to track runners, she’s able to match the best pet sitter for your pet.

Love Carries Over

Shannon’s personal life has expanded too. She met her husband when she was out with a client. Her client Susan said, “There is the man you are going to marry”. She married Michael 2 years to the date the night they met, and they have two beautiful children. Shannon lives her life and runs her business by always trying to do the right thing, treating clients and pet sitters how she would like to be treated and always listening to her inner voice. She prides herself on customer service.

Atlanta’s Pet Sitting Leader

Buckhead Pet Pals pet sitting service has received “Best Pet Sitting Company” awards in Atlanta Magazine- 3 years in a row, Jezebel Magazine and Best of Smyrna 2 years in a row. Shannon is still currently very involved with Buckhead Pet Pals on a daily basis. Her priorities are her family and taking care of her clients and sitters..

Caring For Atlanta's Pets Since 1998

Remarkable Software
Makes Us Better

Power Pet Sitter For Convenient Scheduling and Account Management

In order to streamline scheduling for both clients and pet sitters, Shannon developed an online scheduling tool for pet sitters across the country called Power Pet Sitter.

Power Pet Sitter is an online scheduling tool that allows clients to schedule online, companies to manage their sitters, invoice and bill its clients, and merges with QuickBooks Online. Shannon has been a speaker at Pet Sitters International, the premier industry event and was the past President for Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters.