How To Schedule

We make scheduling easy. Login as a client and choose the days you need pet care. If you need assistance you can call us, text us. Please make sure your client and pet information is current.

Are you unsure how to login to our software? Do you want to know how to schedule a new appointment, or edit an old one? No worries! Just watch our short instructional videos below to see how easy using Buckhead Pet Pals is!

Once you login as an existing client you can do the following:

  • Policy Agreement - Read and save
  • Edit My Info Tab - to update client information
  • View My Pets Tab - (inside my info)
  • Click on Pets Name - to update pet/vet/feeding info
  • Review My Appointments Tab - View, edit or cancel appointments
  • Schedule My Appointments Tab - Schedule future appointments

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How to Login

Logging in is easier than planning your trip out of town!
Watch the video and follow the instructions on screen.


  • Easy Signups
  • Secure Info
  • Tech Support

How to Schedule or Edit Appointments:

You’ve signed up successfully; now what? Another great video comes to your rescue showing just how easy it is.


  • Easy Changes
  • Convenient Appointments
  • Medication Scheduling