Daily Dog Walking for the busy professional.


Midday Dog Walks

Set it and Forget it

Schedule monthly walks and they will be automated each month.

Dog Runs

We will take your dog for a run in your neighborhood. In summer months running is only offered in the morning and evening to avoid the mid-day heat for safety reasons.


Midday Dog Walks

Based on time and number of pets. Requires monthly commitment for the monthly price.

20 Minute Midday Dog Walk with monthly commitment – $19 per visit (Additional Pets: $3 extra per dog)

20 Minute Midday Dog Walk with no commitment - $20 per visit

Dog Running

Rates are based on time and number of pups. (Additional Pets: $5 per extra dog)

30 Minute Dog Run – $35 per visit

45 Minute Dog Run – $50 per visit

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Dog walking and exercising is our specialty. There's nothing better than the beauty of Atlanta with a faithful canine companion.

Buckhead Pet Pals professional dog walkers have experience with all types of dogs and temperaments. Have a puppy? We can come twice during the work day for potty breaks and socialization. We strive to always use the same walker for your pet so that they can form a bond.  However, if your walker is not available, we have a tight knit team that can back them up if needed.

Eachvisit we will refresh the dogs water and work with your training commands. You will get a daily journal and photo of your pet on every walk.

Why Use a Dog Walker You Ask?

  • Exercise and weight management.
  • One of the absolute best ways to keep your dog healthy is to provide multiple 20+ minute walks per day.
  • Walking stimulates your dog’s sense’s like nothing else. Regular walking helps to release excess energy, resulting in calmer behavior at home..
  • They will also be less inclined to bark, chew, bite, use the bathroom indoors, etc.
Schedule Monthly Dog Walks

For any questions regarding our pricing above, don’t hesitate to contact us!