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Don’t Forget to Plan for Fido & Whiskers

Atlanta may be far from the coast, but storms and hurricanes can still pack a punch, leaving us with power outages, flooding, and debris. While securing your home, don’t forget to plan for your pets. Here’s your guide to Hurricane Prep for Pets in Atlanta.

Plan A: Shelter in Place

cozy dog atlanta gaIn most cases, sheltering at home is the best option. Unless your area is specifically evacuated, here’s how to prepare to safely stay put during the storm:

  • Bring Pets Indoors: It’s critical for all pets to weather the storm indoors. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, don’t let them out again once storms warnings are in place. If you have an outdoor cat or care for a community colony, check out these tips from Alley Cat Allies to keep them safe during the storm.
  • Create a safe pet space: Designate a quiet interior room, like a bathroom or laundry room, away from windows. Stock it with comfy bedding, a litter box (for feline friends), and crates or carriers for those that like to den.Cat tips buckhead pet pals
  • Assemble a pet emergency kit: Pack enough food (at least 3 days), water (consider adding a water bowl sanitizer), and any medications your pet needs. Include a leash, collar with ID tag, a copy of their vet records, and favorite toys for comfort. Include a Pet First Aid kit in addition to your first aid kit for humans.

Plan B: Evacuate

hurricane pet plan buckhead pet palsIf evacuation becomes necessary, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pet-friendly accommodations: Atlanta shelters typically can’t house pets due to health regulations. Research pet-friendly hotels along your evacuation route beforehand. Consider boarding facilities or animal hospitals outside the immediate area as backup options.
  • Travel essentials: Pack a sturdy, well-ventilated carrier for your pet, along with the same essentials we listed above: a harness, leash, food and water bowls, comfort items, litter boxes with extra litter and scoopers, and medications. Make sure you take along enough food (at least 3 days), water, a copy of their vet records, and favorite toys for comfort. Include a Pet First Aid kit and lots of poop bags!
  • Microchip and ID tags: Ensure your pet’s registered microchip information is up-to-date and their ID tags are securely fastened. This is crucial if they get separated during the storm or aftermath.

Planning Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute! Start now and you’ll be in a much better place if and when a natural disaster threatens Buckhead and beyond.

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  • Desensitization: Get your pet accustomed to their crate or carrier by leaving it accessible at all times. Consider surprising your pet by discreetly placing treats inside and letting them find them. Start early, don’t wait until the hurricane warning to bring out the carrier. The more comfortable they are with the carrier or crate, the more comfortable they will be during a stressful evacuation.
  • Assemble your kit gradually: Don’t wait until the last minute. Gathering supplies as soon as possible to avoid storm-related shopping rushes and reduced inventory.
  • Practice evacuation drills: Simulate an evacuation scenario with your pet. Load them in the carrier, practice getting in the car, and reward them for calm behavior.
  • Invest in calming supplements & sprays: Most pets are going to be stressed – recognizing the urgency in the evacuation and adjusting to a new place or multiple new places. For this reason, it’s smart to have calming supplements like WinPro Pet Calming Chews for dogs and species-specific pheromone plug-ins for cats and dogs.

Additional Resources

hurricane evacuation tips buckhead pet palsIn addition to the above resources, check out the following pet-related resources both locally and nationally:

Buckhead Pet Pals, Pet Sitting in Metro Atlanta

Hurricane Prep for Pets in Atlanta

At Buckhead Pet Pals, we have almost three-decades worth of experience with Atlanta’s pets. We also connect with professional pet sitters from around the country and have seen, first-hand, the importance of emergency preparedness. We urge you to plan and prepare to ensure your furry (or feathery) companions stay safe during summer storms in Atlanta. Remember, a little planning now can make a world of difference later.

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