dog with pet sitter atlantaWhy In-Home Pet Sitting Wins Over Kennels

Planning a vacation is exciting, but many pet parents have a hard time leaving their furry friends behind. While kennels offer a solution, many find that kennels come with stressors, inconvenience, and concerns. Buckhead Pet Pals offers a fantastic alternative: in-home pet sitting. Our services allow your pet to stay happy and comfortable in their familiar surroundings. Today, we’re discussing pet-cation planning: why in-home pet sitting wins over kennels so you can jet-set knowing your pet will be in excellent hands!

Home is Where the Heart Is

cute corgi dog on vacationIn-home pet sitting eliminates anxiety for humans and pets. With in-home pet care, your pet remains in their safe space, surrounded by the familiar sights, smells, and sounds that comfort them. Staying home reduces stress and ensures a smooth transition for you and your pet while you’re away.

We build a daily care schedule that ensures their needs are met while you’re traveling and works with your travel itinerary.


Pets Thrive on Routine

happy cat with their pet sitterPets thrive on routine. Disrupting their schedule with a kennel stay can cause digestive issues, anxiety, and even depression. In-home pet sitting allows your pet to maintain their regular environment, feeding times, walks, playtime, and cuddle sessions. Our professional pet sitters ensure your pet’s routine is followed meticulously, minimizing disruptions and keeping them happy.

Kennel Concerns

dog waiting to be fed by pet sitterKennels and boarding facilities can feel impersonal and overwhelming for some pets. Many of the reasons pet parents avoid kennels entirely include the following:

  • Stress and anxiety: Being away from their familiar home and routine can cause pets to feel stressed and anxious. This can lead to a number of health and behavioral problems, such as colitis, IBS, barking, whining, pacing, and more.
  • Increased risk of illness: Kennels can be breeding grounds for germs and parasites. When many pets are housed in close quarters, the risk of illness spreading from one animal to another is high.
  • Not a good fit for all pets: Some pets, such as those with medical conditions, separation anxiety, or aggression issues, may not be good candidates for kenneling or boarding. Between the strange smells, sounds, and other pets, a kennel environment is overstimulating, at best.
  • Inconvenient for Busy Families: Most kennels and boarding facilities only accept pets during certain drop-off hours and release them to their family’s care during designated pick-up hours. These specific times can be inconvenient and may represent additional costs to pet parents. With kennels and boarding, you may be required to add a night or two to accommodate pick-up and drop-off times, which doesn’t happen when you schedule in-home services to start a few hours after you leave and before you return. We’ll start service when you need them and keep going until you get back!

A Tailored Fit for Every Pet

In a home environment, your pet receives dedicated one-on-one attention from their sitter.

For cats, our experienced cat sitters keep litter box areas clean, refresh food and water, administer medications, and provide playtime or cuddles. For dogs, our pets sicat being brushed by cat sittertters exercise and play with them, feed them, refresh their water, and keep them company. If you have a small animal, we are happy to meet their needs too.

Not all pets are created equal. For example, some are social butterflies, while others are shy or easily stressed. Many pets, especially cats and senior dogs, experience profound stress in unfamiliar environments. While some pets may require more visits than others, leaving them at home is always the safest bet. We’ll work with you to design a visit schedule that meets your pet’s needs.

Peace of Mind for You

Knowing your pet is happy and comfortable allows you to truly relax and enjoy your vacation. Buckhead Pet Pals goes the extra mile to provide your peace of mind. Our bonded and insured sitters will send you daily updates with photos and videos, so you can see your furry friend enjoying their visits. We also alternate lights and blinds and bring in your mail to keep your home looking occupied.

Buckhead Pet Pals Pet Sitting in Atlanta

Vacations should be a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Don’t let pet worries cast a shadow over your trip. Instead, choose Buckhead Pet Pals in-home cat and dog sitting to give your pet a comfortable and happy staycation while you’re away. Contact us today to discuss your pet’s needs and create a personalized plan.

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We look forward to caring for your pets!