So, you’ve brought home that adorable, bouncing ball of fluff! Congratulations on becoming a puppy parent; this exciting new chapter brings immense joy and unconditional love. It also comes with a big responsibility. Puppies require a lot of love, patience, and training to grow into happy, well-adjusted dogs. In Tips for Your New Puppy: Making the Most Out of Puppyhood, we share helpful tips to ensure a smooth start for you and your new pup.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Puppy-Proof Your Home

puppy care atlantaBefore your pup arrives, prepare your living space for their tiny paws and insatiable curiosity. Puppies love to explore and chew on anything they can find. Remove all electrical cords, toxic plants, and small objects that could pose a choking hazard. Invest in puppy gates or crate train your pup to confine them to a safe area when you can’t supervise them.

Supervise puppies while they are teething because their tendency to chew rises during what can be quite uncomfortable. We’ve seen pups chew on furniture, wicker baskets, slippers, you name it while trying to sooth their sore chompers.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Stock Up on Supplies

puppy care atlantaBe prepared with all the essentials you think your pup will need before his or her arrival.

Basic supplies include a comfortable bed, a sturdy leash and collar, food and water bowls, puppy food appropriate for their age and breed, chew toys, and puppy pads for potty training. Ask your veterinarian, breeder, or rescue organization for recommendations on food, treats, and any preventative medications your pup might need.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Establishing a Routine

Puppies thrive on routine. Once your pup is home, create a consistent schedule for feeding, playtime, walks, and potty breaks. This will help them adjust to their new environment and learn what to expect. Feeding them at specific times will also regulate their bathroom habits, making potty training easier.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Potty Training

dog walking atlantaThis might be the most challenging aspect of puppy ownership, but with patience and consistency, you’ll get there.

Take your pup outside frequently, especially after meals, playtime, and upon waking. Always praise them for eliminating outdoors and use a consistent cue word like “go potty.” Accidents are inevitable; don’t punish your pup. Simply clean up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner and redirect them outside.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Socialization

dog walker atlantaSocialization is crucial for a puppy’s development. Once it’s safe to do so, your vet will encourage you to expose your new pup to different people, children, animals, places, sights, and sounds during their critical socialization window, typically before 16 weeks old. Enroll them in puppy socialization classes or arrange playdates with other well-behaved dogs. Positive socialization experiences will help your pup become a confident and well-adjusted canine citizen.

In addition, use your resources to socialize your pup to the vet by scheduling what’s referred to as a happy vet visit. And, consider using YouTube videos like this one to gently expose your pup to thunderstorms and fireworks noises while rewarding their patience with it. Finally, when spending time with your pup, touch his or her ears, snout, paws, etc. to get them used to positive, gentle touch in those sensitive areas.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Training & Positive Reinforcement

puppy training atlantaBasic training is essential for a harmonious relationship with your dog. Start with short, positive training sessions using treats and praise to reinforce good behavior. Enroll your pup in puppy classes if possible. A well-mannered dog is not only a joy to live with but is also safer in public spaces.

Puppies are like tiny, adorable hurricanes. They will chew on your furniture, have accidents, and might keep you up at night. Remember, patience is key. Use positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise to encourage good behavior. Avoid harsh punishments, as these can damage your bond with your pup.

Tips for Your New Puppy: Engage a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

dog walker dog sitter atlanta

Raising a puppy is a rewarding experience filled with unconditional love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. It can also be a very challenging time for busy professionals and families. For this reason, we encourage you to engage the help of a professional dog walker or pet sitter. By doing so, you’ll have us to help you and your pup if life gets in the way of the above puppy care tips.

At Buckhead Pet Pals, we love to come into families’ lives when they first get a puppy and remain a part of their village throughout their dogs’ lives. We encourage you to count on us to help you meet your pup’s needs. It takes a village and we’re proud to be part of yours! Get in touch with Buckhead Pet Pals today; we serve Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Chamblee, Midtown, and West Midtown Atlanta.

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