Today is International Hug Your Cat Day! A day dedicated to showering our feline companions with affection. But, before you scoop up your kitty for a squeeze, let’s talk about consent. Cats are complex creatures with distinct personalities. While some felines crave cuddles, others prefer more distant interactions. A “respectful relationship” with your cat is about understanding their communication cues and honoring their boundaries. Here’s International Hug Your Cat Day: Celebrating Feline Affection (On Their Terms) in which we’ll discuss how to celebrate International Hug Your Cat Day with a focus on consent.

Celebrating Feline Affection On Their Terms: Approach with Awareness

cat sitter atlantaCats are individuals. They have preferences and dislikes just like we do. For this reason, basic cat care should take into account the following best practices.

  • Read the Signs: Cats are masters of nonverbal communication. A twitching tail, flattened ears, or dilated pupils may indicate your kitty is uneasy or overstimulated. A slow blink, purring, or gentle head nudges, on the other hand, are signs of contentment. Pay attention to your cat’s body language and adjust your interactions accordingly.
  • Respect the Purrsonal Space: Not all cats are lap cats. Some prefer to cuddle on their own terms, perched on a shoulder or curled up at your feet. Observe where your cat gravitates and offer affection in those spots. Forcing a cuddle session can backfire, creating stress and potentially damaging the bond you share.
  • Keep it Short & Sweet: Even the most cuddle-loving cat may have a limit. Short, gentle petting sessions are often more appreciated than prolonged squeezes. Pay attention to your cat’s signals and end the cuddle party when they seem to have had enough.
  • Let the Cat Initiate: The best cuddles are the ones your cat initiates. When they rub against your leg, purr on your lap, or curl up beside you, it’s their way of saying “pet me!” Responding to their cues fosters trust and strengthens your bond.

Celebrating Feline Affection On Their Terms: Know When to Back Off

cat sitter atlantaIf you approach a feline and they don’t seem to be in the mood for pets and snuggles, then back off. It’s best to follow the tips below than to overdo it with a cat, especially considering cats may swat, bite, or hiss if you overstay your welcome:

  • Offer Alternatives: Not every cat enjoys being held. Explore alternative ways to show affection. Use a catnip-stuffed toy for a playful cuddle session, gently brush their fur, or offer a scratching post for a satisfying rub.
  • Walk Away: Some cats are not cuddly creatures. They may tolerate a few chin scratches but prefer less hands-on interactions. Don’t take it personally. Respect their boundaries and try to connect in other ways, like providing enrichment activities or a snack.
  • cat sitter atlantaInvoke the Power of Play: Snuggling is often a pastime for kittens after they’ve eaten or played. So, if your kitty seems too excited for a snuggle, grab a wand toy, spring toy, or felt mouse and engage with them by playing. Once they have had enough jumping, chasing, and hunting, they may be ready for a purr session – but, they also may not and that’s okay too!

Celebrating Feline Affection On Their Terms: Care with Consent

cat sitter atlantaA relationship built on mutual respect benefits both you and your cat. Care with consent implies that both parties are interested in interacting at that time and in that way.  If you observe your cat, you’ll know when you have permission to interact with him or her. Signs of consent include approaching you, purring, rubbing up on you, perching on something to get closer to you, interacting with a toy, and friendly vocalization.

When you interact with your cat with their consent, you can expect your relationship to blossom in some of the following ways:

  • Reduced Stress: When your cat feels safe and respected, they’re less likely to exhibit anxious behaviors like scratching, spraying, or hiding.
  • Stronger Bond: Understanding and respecting your cat’s needs fosters trust and strengthens the bond you share.
  • Improved Communication: By paying attention to your cat’s body language, you become more attuned to their needs and preferences.
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cat sitter atlantaThis International Hug Your Cat Day, celebrate your unique relationship with your feline companion by letting them initiate play, snuggles, and other moments together. Focus on care with consent, and you’ll be rewarded with purrs, head nudges, and a lifetime of love from your furry friend. Remember, the best way to a cat’s heart is through your behavior!

At Buckhead Pet Pals, our professional pet sitters are trained in feline basics and behavior to ensure that the cats in our care are comfortable with when and how we interact with them. Care with consent is one of our company values because we recognize the important role consent plays in how the pets in our care experience our staff members’ presence and the services we render.

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